Forklift Safety And Ergonomics | Get The Best Forklift Repairs And Maintenance On The Market!

Forklift safety and ergonomics are an important aspect to keeping your workers safe and productive. Many people don’t think that sitting on a moving forklift can be hazardous to their health, but awkward postures, equipment vibrations, and repetitive action can result in the development of serious muscular and skeletal problems. To avoid these problems from happening, ongoing forklift repairs and regular maintenance services should be performed on your machinery. 


At BCCM, we’re a trusted forklift service that specializes in the handling, sales, and maintenance service of different warehouse equipment. Well help your team create an effective maintenance schedule for on-site maintenance of forklifts, including updating current features for better ergonomics. Contact BCCM today to get your forklift inspected or rent one of our latest equipment models. 

Here are a few things you can consider to make your forklift more safe, comfortable, and ergonomic for a variety of applications. 

Why Is Forklift Safety Important?

Forklift safety is important because it helps keep your employees productive and protected when they’re working in your facility. Forklift equipment is the most commonly used device to transport different heavy objects around. However, it can take a toll on the operator’s body. That’s where safe protocols and proper ergonomics can greatly assist in maintaining your employee’s health and well-being. 

All operators should have sufficient forklift safety training before they work the equipment. Accidents such as a forklift platform fall or a forklift tipping over and crushing someone can happen if workers aren’t taught the proper safety procedures. Forklift safety can also protect the people nearby, helping avoid dangerous collisions and falling debris. 

Forklift ergonomics will also enhance the way you operate a forklift, reducing the need to sit for long periods of time and twist around towards more physical strain. Modern forklifts now have features such as comfortable seats and seatbelts that ensure workers are productive in their last hour of work. These technological advances not only improve operator comfort, but also reduce strain on areas like the lower back. 

Ergonomics and safety procedures are all about helping you do your job right, safely, and comfortably. They will help mitigate strain, stress, and discomfort, in favour of more relaxed positions and greater work efficiency. With improved safety measures and ergonomic features in place, your workers will have no issue being productive at your workplace. 

What Is The Most Important Safety Device On A Forklift?

The most important safety device to have on your forklift are the brakes, which is essential for any motorized vehicle. Routine inspections and maintenance can ensure malfunctions won’t happen and help you avoid serious accidents. 

Forklifts can have several different braking systems for your benefit, depending on the model of forklift. Some forklifts operate their braking systems with fluid that needs to be refilled or replaced every so often. They can also have disabling switches that automatically stops the forklifts when the operator is incapicitated. 

Often at the beginning of each work shift, forklift operators are required by law to undergo a complete safety inspection. With the help of another person, they should test the brake and brake lights for consistent functionality. If the brakes, brake pads or brake lights aren’t working as they should, the forklift shouldn’t be operated until it is repaired and inspected again. 

To see the forklift’s brake in action, make sure it stops longer than usual when it’s carrying a heavy load. If the brakes aren’t properly calibrated, the forklift can become unbalanced, lose its full load, and flip over. During its maintenance, make sure the brake drum and brake shoes are forced against each other to cause friction and bring the equipment to a full stop. 

How Can I Make My Forklift More Comfortable?

Now that we’ve discussed how you can make your forklift more safe, there are a few ways to make it more comfortable for the operator. 

Many forklift seats can be adjusted to be moved forwards or backwards, depending on the length of the operator’s legs. You should be able to find the most comfortable forklift seat for your size and can readjust the seat every time you use the equipment. This will limit strain on your lower back, shoulders, and neck to help you feel more relaxed, focused, and productive. 

Contact BCCM today to learn more about our forklift rental and repairs services we offer for businesses. Work with our team now to get the best ergonomic forklift equipment for your operators to use in your warehouse or facility. 

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