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At BCCM, we nuture long term relationships through honest communication with our customers. Our aim is to provide quality forklift sales in Vancouver and material handling products and services while reducing our customers over all costs. Our Team will work with you to help make the best choices for your business.
We assign an Equipment Sales Representative (ESR) who is also your Customer Service Sales (CSS) Representative to each customer. Your ESR will answer any questions regarding BCCM’s forklift and equipment service programs, parts and shop quotes, training and more.

Everything Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Stock Chasers, Tow Tractors, Dock Levelers & Machinery – Buy, Rent, Parts, Repair and Service – Great Prices. Call 604-321-2331 | #236 Parts | #233 Service | #230 Sales / Rentals | Toll Free 1-800-814-1406.

Your rep will also review service reports and make recommendations about repairs and or replacement options with:
☑ Over 90 Year of expertise and experience in the forklift / material handling industry

☑ 4 Service centers throughout B.C. to provide efficient service

☑ Fully certified and factory trained technicians

☑ BCCM shop or on customer site repairs

☑ Warranty available on our work

BCCM’s Scheduled Maintenance programs ensure the hard working components such as your engine, transmission, electric motors, batteries & chargers, hydraulic systems, cylinders, steer axle, attachments, brakes and mast are routinely inspected and service when required. Regular maintenance is recommended to help the efficiency, durability and safety of your forklift truck, pallet trucks, stacker, elevating dock or dock leveler.

Scheduled maintenance programs do reduce downtime, extend the life of the equipment, increase safety and lower operating costs.

BCCM offers a full range of customized Scheduled Maintenance programs to enhance the productivity of your material handling equipment.

Schedule Maintenance programs include:

☑ Yearly Inspections

☑ Safety Inspections

☑ Emissions Testing

☑ Flat Rate Programs

☑ Yearly Reports

☑ Service Cycles to Meet Your Needs

☑ Service Data Secure in Proprietary In-house System

☑ Large Fleet of Fully Stocked and Fully Equipped Service Vehicles

BCCM can assist you with controlling and reducing costs by providing you with comprehensive evaluation of your existing forklift and dock loading equipment and recommend improvements to increase productivity, safety and lower operating costs. BCCM will assess your needs – possible replacements and repairs. We then can suggest a Scheduled Maintenance program to increase you productivity, lower your material handling expense and increase the life of your equipment.

With over 90 Years of broad industry experience and expertise, BCCM is your Honest and very capable service and equipment provider.

BCCM offers a Forklift Operators Certification Course. Our Work Safe B.C. Approved programs are designed to meet or exceed industry standards and increase safety and productivity, save lives, reduce injuries, employee downtime, and limit your company’s liability.


Forklifts are essential in countless industries, from warehousing to construction. At BCCM, we offer an extensive selection of new and used forklifts to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for electric, propane, or diesel forklifts, we have a variety of models available for sale or rent. Don’t miss the opportunity to secure a forklift that will boost your productivity and efficiency.

Pallet Jacks:

Contact us about buying, renting, service and repair of all pallet jacks. We carry pallet jacks that are robust, reliable, and designed to make moving heavy loads a breeze. Whether you need a standard pallet jack or a specialized model, we’ve got you covered.

Stock Chasers:

Efficiency is key in material handling, and our stock chasers are built with that in mind. These versatile vehicles are perfect for order picking, stock replenishment, and transporting materials within your facility. Take advantage of our limited-time deals to improve your workflow.

Tow Tractors:

Tow tractors are the workhorses of any manufacturing plant or distribution center. Our selection of tow tractors is second to none, and our limited-time offers make it the perfect time to invest in these reliable machines.

Dock Levelers:

Maintaining a smooth and safe workflow at loading docks is crucial. Our dock levelers are designed to enhance the efficiency and safety of your loading and unloading operations. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to upgrade your facility with our special deals.


In addition to our extensive selection of material handling equipment, we also offer a range of industrial machinery to meet your specific needs. 

Services and Parts:

At BCCM, we don’t just sell equipment; we provide comprehensive services and support. Our team of experienced technicians is ready to assist with repairs, maintenance, and servicing to keep your equipment running smoothly. Additionally, we offer a wide selection of high-quality parts to ensure your machinery stays in top condition.

BCCM’s staff adheres to strictest guidelines and fully complies with regulatory bodies as follows:

☑ Work Safe BC

☑ OHS Occupational Health & Safety

☑ CoR Certificate of Recognition (Work Safe BC)

☑ WHMIS Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

☑ BCCSA BC Construction Safety Alliance

☑ BCCM EHS Manual In-house Environmental, Health and Safety Manual

We look forward to hearing from you and providing our best efforts, honest great service and saftey that empowers and strengthens your business.

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Eric O’Shea, Service Coordinator Ext 233

Bill Simpson, Dock Equipment, Forklift Sales & Rentals in Vancouver Ext 229

Kayle Goulding, Parts Mgr Ext 236

Jamie Simpson, Forklift Sales & Rentals & Admin Ext 230