electric pallet trucks and stackers

Enhancing Daily Warehouse Operations With Dependable Electric Pallet Trucks!

Electric pallet trucks have become an essential piece of equipment for businesses operating in large warehouse facilities. They are especially useful for transporting products such as refrigerated and frozen food across short distances, making it easier to organize your facility. Electric pallet trucks and stackers can be adaptable to your surroundings and finding the right one for your company is difficult because of your work environment. 

At BCCM, we will help you learn more about electric pallet trucks and electric stackers to help your daily business operations as they can be an effective benefit to have as part of your employees’ routine. We’ll go over how much electric pallet trucks can lift, the differences between it and a manual stacker, and how it helps ease staff operations.  


How Much Can A Pallet Truck Lift?

The average handling limit of an electric pallet truck is dependent on the type of truck you are using, the environment it is being used in, and the distance products need to be transported with regards to timing. Different brands and manufacturers will have slightly different weight limits for each product, so it is important you check how much it can handle when you purchase one. In a situation like that, you always go by the maximum handling limit specified. 

For example, the general maximum handling limit of a manual pallet truck is around 700 kg (1500 lbs). On the other hand, an electric pallet truck is built much larger and can handle around 2300 kgs (5000 lbs). You should always double-check the specific handling limit of your pallet trucks to ensure the safety of your workers when they are in use. 

Speaking of manual and electric pallet trucks, let’s go over the main differences between the two and why electric pallet trucks have an advantageous edge. 


What Is The Difference Between A Manual And An Electric Pallet Stacker?

Firstly, electric pallet trucks and stackers are better suited and designed for easy lifting and moving heavy objects to a higher position. Electric-powered forks are attached to them, which allows for more work to be done in a shorter amount of time and lower rates of workplace injuries. Additionally, the technology makes moving and lifting so much smoother. It is also flexible as there are light, medium, and heavy-duty options designed for your business needs.  

Meanwhile, manual pallet trucks require you to exert more effort to lift weighted materials off the ground, leading to fatigue and lower levels of productivity and efficiency. The capacity for lifting from manual pallet trucks can be limited to how much the worker can handle. They are also challenging to handle due to the nature of their design and are not as beneficial if loaded close to their maximum weight capacity. 

Overall, while electric pallet trucks may cost more initially, the investment will pay off over time. To help determine whether they are right for your business, you should factor in how it will affect your payroll and the amount of time spent on operations. 


How Does An Electric Pallet Help In Easing Staff Operations?

As mentioned previously, electric pallet trucks make lifting and moving around products much easier. The best electric pallet trucks are designed and built with features that significantly improve the physical safety of forklift operations. This is done through their more durable, industrial technology constructed with steel frames and panels.

Another way electric pallet trucks ease staff operations is the ability for workers to control and set operational parameters. You can measure and control options like travel speed and acceleration to match the skill level of workers, helping ensure workplace safety. 


Are Electric Pallet Trucks Ergonomic? 

Electric pallet trucks are readily designed with an ergonomic intent. Working in a large, fast-paced warehouse facility can take its toll on your workers which is why we want to emphasize the ergonomic comfort qualities our pallet trucks contain. For example, the power steering on the machines can reduce stress on your knees and joints and help lower fatigue. 

The trucks also contain a handle with a comfortable grip that lets workers transport materials in a smooth manner.  Additionally, you can also add a suspended cushion or floorboard to absorb the shock when driving the pallet truck over cracks or uneven flooring. Overall, an electric pallet truck is useful for your daily operations and a great investment for effective equipment.  

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