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10 Ways How Daily Forklift Operator Checks Will Improve Your Facility’s Safety | Forklift Rentals in Vancouver

Safety should always be your priority when operating a forklift. Whether it’s in a facility with hundreds of staff or using your vehicle outside in icy and wet conditions, there are several precautions you must follow to maintain a safe environment when looking for forklift rentals in Vancouver. 

We offer high-quality service repair to keep your equipment running securely and provide a large fleet of machine-handling equipment for the last 90 years. If you are looking to buy a forklift in Vancouver, BC, or to rent and lease equipment for your facility, BCCM offers industry-leading giants like Komatsu, Blue Giant and Montrec amongst many.

The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in Canada requires active forklift vehicles to be inspected daily to adhere to the highest safety protocols. BCCM understands the importance of operating security and provides exceptional forklift rentals in Vancouver


10 Daily Forklift Safety Inspections to Improve Your Workplace

There are various benefits in performing a daily pre-inspection check that can reduce costs, increase productivity and diminish risks of staff injury. We have 10 ways in which you can improve daily operations and maximize the protection of your employees:

  • Checking Fluid Levels: Ensure that all your engine oil, fuel or radiator water levels are at appropriate levels.
  • Test Your Horn: A working horn is crucial in alerting people that you are near their presence. A working horn prevents accidents and reduces collisions with vehicles nearby.
  • Examining the Brakes: Promptly stopping in an emergency can make all the difference between safety and a severe workplace injury. Testing the parking brake to see if it can withstand slight acceleration and inspecting the handbrake to guarantee it’s operational can secure daily forklift operations.
  • Checking Tires: Tires must be free of any damages, cuts and gouges. Ensure the tire pressure is at working level for pneumatic tires to avoid preventable accidents.
  • Inspect the Steering: Your steering must be in top condition, from the proper alignment to the smooth turning of the wheels. Good steering enables the operator to avoid incoming hazards and prevent employee accidents.
  • Checking Lights: Working headlights and warning lights are crucial in poorly-lit areas. Proper lighting serves as vital warning signals for those working around your vicinity.
  • Examining the Hydraulics: Any physical damage to the forks and masts can result in improper lighting and lowering of heavy loads. Ensure that your vehicle forks can withstand heavy workloads for your facility’s needs by testing the lift and tilt mechanism daily.
  • Record Any Unusual Noises: Any abnormal sounds coming from your forklift means that an issue needs to be resolved before operating. Noises can arise from damaged floor plates, old hydraulics and broken panel joints, amongst some. Unusual sounds mean that your forklift must be thoroughly inspected to prevent potential damage.
  • Safety Features are Working: Every forklift needs belts and restraining devices to secure you while operating. They must be working appropriately, with no visible damage. 
  1.  Proper Overhead Guard: Any obstructions can impede the load carried on the forklift. Observe that the area surrounding your equipment is free of hazards.


Forklift Safety Benefits for Your Workplace Productivity

A forklift streamlines the processes of your facility, easing the transport of heavy material safely and alleviating manpower. A forklift can become a dangerous asset to a workplace if a daily assessment is overlooked. Minimize the risk of workplace injuries and financial losses from damaged goods by checking your forklift is in proper working conditions. 

Working equipment operation increases safety in the workplace, but there are additional benefits in routine forklifts inspections:

  • Reduced property damage
  • Increased equipment life
  • Greater productivity amongst staff
  • Smoother workplace operations
  • Decreased downtime 


Increase Employee Safety and Improve Productivity with Forklift Rentals in Vancouver!

We offer high-quality service repair, provide exceptional machine handling equipment and improve the safety of your workplace facility.

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