Trust Us For All Your Forklift Repairs | Komatsu Forklift Repairs BC

A Komatsu forklift can greatly benefit your warehouse facility. Our team at BCCM has a fleet of reliable machinery in stock that prides itself on superior equipment design and manufacturing. Komatsu is a highly certified brand and, as a reputable forklift equipment rental service in Vancouver, we’ll provide the best quality and expertise for your business. 

At BCCM, we provide businesses with Komatsu forklift repairs and forklift leasing for a variety of operations and applications. We want to help you avoid breaking down valuable forklift machinery by offering consistent maintenance and servicing to ensure it’s working in the right condition. If you neglect its maintenance, you may end up having to replace the forklift altogether at an expensive cost.

How Often Should You Provide Maintenance On A Forklift?

There are two ways to measure when you should provide maintenance on a forklift: operating hours and time of use. Many expert technicians recommend hours of use as the best measurement for a consistent maintenance schedule. This should be performed every 200 hours for a full service that often includes inspecting components (spark plugs, rotors, and distributor points), installing new fuel, oil, and air filters, changing the oil, adjusting the engine’s idle speed, adjusting ignition timing, and greasing the truck’s components and chassis. 


Why Choose BCCM For All Your Forklift Repairs?

At BCCM, we have a team of experts that can create a detailed maintenance schedule for your equipment, based on the model, type, and age of the forklift. We provide businesses with around-the-clock sales, service, rental, and leasing for various forklift equipment under the Komatsu brand. 

Our team of forklift repair experts helps nurture long-term relationships through honest communication and transparent business practices. If you’d like a quote about our forklift equipment or would like to book an appointment with our technicians, contact BCCM today to get the best deals. Work with our team now to get the best work experience for your forklift operators.