Komatsu Forklifts – Buy and Lease in Greater Vancouver BC

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Komatsu USA Has A Century of Expertise

BCCM is proud to offer Komatsu USA equipment and machinery that is durable and dependable throughout a range of uses. Komatsu has maintained a reputation for high-quality equipment and is a world-leader in heavy-duty design and manufacturing since its establishment in 1921. 

All of our Komatsu machinery and vehicles are backed up by fully trained experts, which has made our business partnership with Komatsu USA a strong alliance.

Komatsu USA is proud to manufacture durable machinery that results from innovative thinking,  resulting in our customers paying reduced costs. BCCM’s professional durability is paired ideally with Komatsu USA’s century of expertise. 


Komatsu USA’s World-Class Machinery


The IC-Cushion Tire:

One of Komatsu’s most dependable models, the IC-Cushion Tire offers the BX50 series. Designed to reduce operator fatigue, increase overall workplace productivity and reduce operating costs, the BX50 series is ideal for indoor and outdoor uses. 

The BX50 series is flexible and able to meet all individual needs through enhanced operator comfort and efficiency.

It is professionally equipped with:

⭗Dual floating structure
⭗Maximized hydrostatic power steering
⭗High-efficiency drive train
⭗Self-adjusting brakes

It can be additionally geared with optional fork lengths, full-suspension seat and warning lights and audible travel.


The IC Pneumatic:

The Pneumatic series contains 7 forklifts which include 4 diesel-operated forklifts including the FH35/50-2, the FH70/80, the DX50 and the EX50. Komatsu’s diesel series reduces high-costs of operation, is manufactured to withstand even the harshest conditions and is built with incredibly durable components.

These models include features such as:

⭗ Komatsu Diesel Engine – EPA Tier 4
⭗ Durable wet disc brake system
⭗ Highly rigid frame
⭗ Enhanced operator visibility


The Pneumatic series’ other 3 models, the AX50, the BX50 and the CX50, operate on LPG/Dual Fuel. Built by superior engineering, these models create improved performance and hold can hold extremely large weights. They are manufactured with the utmost quality parts and functions including but not limited to:

⭗ Angled exhaust ports
⭗ EZ View mast system
⭗ Kops plus Komatsu operator presence system
⭗ EPA compliant K21 and K25 industrial engine


The Electric Riders:

These electric machines are an innovative addition to forklift technology. These specific models are designed to reduce operating costs while boosting workplace productivity. Komatsu’s most innovative invention yet, it’s designed to maximize operator safety and satisfaction and is environmentally-friendly. 

The 3 models include the AE50, the AM50 and the BBX50 and are built with features that include:

⭗ Monitoring system display indicators
⭗ Full suspension seat
⭗ KOPS PLUS lift/travel interlocking system
⭗ Automatic power-off

The electric options enhance control, power and capacity while running at a low-emission rate. 


The Narrow Aisle Model:

Komatsu has designed the Narrow Aisle forklift in order for further environmental preservation and reducing cost ownership. Operated with AC drive and hydraulic controls, this option is best suited even in the toughest working conditions. 

Here are some added advantages:

⭗ 90 Degree operator side stance
⭗ On-demand electronic power steering
⭗ Motor and controller temperature protection
⭗ AC drive motor


Save Money By Choosing Durable Machinery – Buy Komatsu Forklifts in BC

We are proud to have a continuing partnership with the highest-quality distributors including Komatsu USA. In addition to competitive pricing, we aid facilities in maximizing their productivity and reducing ownership costs. 

We’re looking forward to working with you! Contact us here to reduce your costs, enhance workplace efficiency and ensure operator safety.